In the face of COVID-19, the Agency’s Administrative Division continues to value each employee as an irreplaceable human capital. In doing so, the Agency views the Administrative Division and the work of each staff as paramount to its day-to-day operation. Building resilient staff allows for the mandate of the EPA to be executed, even as the country faces these unprecedented times.

The drivers, cleaners, handyman, and office assistants all contribute to ensuring that the workspace is cleaned and maintained regularly, adequate transportation is made readily available and payments and mails are delivered in a timely manner. Aside from the axillary staff, the Human Resources, Procurement, Finance, GIS/IT Technology, and Administrative Support Units form the dynamic synergy that keeps the Agency going.

The work of the Agency is considered an essential service, and the Administrative Division supports each programme area to ensure that all the necessary resources, tools, and services are made available in a manner consistent with efficiency and effective management.

Pictured above: Staff of the Administrative Unit (Human Resources, Procurement, Finance, GIS/IT Technology/, and Administrative Support Units)