In the month of March, the Oil and Gas Unit conducted a full scale compliance inspection of the Liza Destiny Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading Unit (FPSO), the production platform attached to the Liza Phase 1 Development Project in the Stabroek Block. The team also inspected one of the drillships (Noble Tom Madden – pictured below, photo courtesy of which undertakes both exploratory and developmental drilling.

This trip was a significant milestone since the EPA was able to audit the Liza Phase 1 Development Project against conditions of the Environmental Permit granted by the Agency. From the compliance inspection, the team was able to appreciate the conditions under which oil production is undertaken and also have a first-hand look at the complexities of such projects.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Oil and Gas Unit continues to work to ensure that all efforts are made to continue with its compliance monitoring programmed with the aim of ensuring that operators within the oil and gas industry fulfill their environmental obligations.