Press Release

 EPA staff gets Internship from Mexican Embassy

Environmental Officer within the Technical Secretariat of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ms. Savitri Itwaru is the EPA’s first beneficiary of internship through bilateral cooperation with the Mexican Embassy in Guyana. Ms.Itwaru has commenced her three weeks internship with the Mexican Agency for Security, Energy and Environment (ASEA) on November 12, 2018. ASEA was established in 2015, as a regulatory agency within Mexico’s Ministry of the Environment, to oversee industrial safety, operational security, and environmental protection relative to the extractive industries, and foster sustainable development. In its short time of operating, ASEA has managed over 300 oil platforms, six refineries with over 60,000 km of pipeline, and more than 100 oil and gas storage facilities.

Ms. Itwaru will be based at ASEA’s Office in Mexico and is being exposed to the full gamut of ASEA’s operation, including its regulatory framework for industry safety and environmental protection, best practices for regulatory policy, monitoring, data collection and analysis, waste management, insurance in the oil and gas industry. Moreover,during her training, she will be exposed to the daily operational procedures of ASEA’s management of the oil and gas sector in Mexico. The EPA expresses gratitude to H.E. Ambassador Ivan Sierra and Executive Director of ASEA, Carlos de Regules who made the commitment during the capacity building workshop for Guyanese stakeholders in the oil and gas sector, held at the Mexican Embassy early in October. The EPA continues to make significant strides as it prepares to navigate the emerging oil and gas sector as an efficient and effective Environmental Regulator.