The EPA in an effort to sensitise the public on its processes and procedures, as well as, their responsibilities, hosted ” Meet the Public Days” The Agency, erected a booth in front of Republic Bank’s Water street branch during June 19-20, from 09:00 h to 16:00h.  The Agency strategically chose one of the busiest business areas in Georgetown to interact with members of the public on its work, while encouraging greater appreciation for the environment. Members of the public were able to make complaints, uplift application documents, and engage in games and surveys. The Agency also distributed various types of publications during this exercise.  Approximately,  290 persons interacted with the Agency over the two day period.

The Agency also collaborated with the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) to conduct three “Meet the Public” events in Mabaruma, Port Kaituma and Matthew’s Ridge, Region 1 during  June 25-29, 2019. Members of the public were again afforded the opportunity to directly engage with staff of the Agency on matters of interest. The Agency will have similar outreaches in the various regions during the course of the year.