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The EPA conducted an inspection of the proposed manganese mining operation at Matthews Ridge, Region One on March 03, 2021, to assess the Guyana Manganese Inc.’s compliance with approvals granted for clean-up and other preparatory works at the site.

The inspection revealed, there are still remnants of the prior operation, such as the frame of the old processing plant and stockpiles of scrap metal from the dismantling process. Additionally, the company has made strides in preparing the site for operation.

The company was required to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in order to identify the potential impacts of operation and provide proposed plans to mitigate these impacts. The EIA has been submitted and is under review by the Environmental Assessment Board (EAB), which will recommend to the EPA if the EIA should be approved.

Once the EPA approves the EIA and authorises the project, the project will be bound to implement mitigation measures outlined in the EIA and abide by the conditions of the permit issued, to safeguard the environment.