On January 12 and 13, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted two consultations with community members, sawmill operators and representatives from the Skeldon Energy Inc. (SEI). On the first day, the EPA met with community members to discuss and gather information in developing the governance structure and management plan of the Wellington Park Mangrove Reserve.

The second consultation allowed for conversations between SEI and sawmill operators to strengthen their partnership in addressing sawdust waste and overall waste management along the Crabwood Creek area. At this meeting, community members were able to share their experiences working with the mangroves over the years. Members also shared recent observations of sawdust accumulation at the site.

Following the consultations, the Agency has scheduled a meeting with sawmill operators along the Crabwood Creek area for February 2021. The aim of this meeting is to discuss issues of erosion, and other environmental challenges sawmill operators are currently facing.

The EPA plans to invite the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC), as well as representatives from the River and Sea Defense Department to attend this meeting. All COVID 19 guidelines will be adhered to.