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The Agency during an internal audit in January 2019, unearthed 481 Environmental Permit Holders who were non-compliant. The Agency under the astute guidance of Dr. Vincent Adams, Executive Director, derived a strategy to arrest this issue and reduce the threat to human health and the environment, as a result of such practices. The Agency commenced its investigation into the 481  non-compliant permit which included; publishing a public notice in the newspapers, as well as, its website and social media platforms, site visits and telephone calls. This rigorous and  strategic drive was a massive success, bringing 90% of defaulting Permit Holders into compliance in a mere 5 months. The Agency remains committed to sound Environmental Management and reminds the general public that, securing your Environmental Permits in the initial stages of your operation, is securing the future of your business and the health of the population.

The Agency expresses gratitude to the developers for their cooperation and reminds ALL permit holders to ensure they adhere to their permit conditions and have a valid  Environmental Permit at all times.

In accordance with the Environmental Protection Act, Cap. 20:05 Laws of Guyana, a permit holder should apply for renewable six (6) months prior to the expiration for their existing permit.