EPA officers spent one week in Berbice, responding to complaints from residents in the region. Representatives from the Waste Management and Air Quality Management Programme areas responded to complaints of fumes and odour nuisance. In addition, air quality assessments were carried out in regards to fume emissions in the vicinity of Crabwood Creek Line Path.

A total of eight (8) complaint inspections were carried out in regards to waste management. Furthermore, the Agency visited twelve (12) rice mills in Region 6, seven (7) of which were authorised by the Agency with existing Environmental Permits and five (5) which were not authorised. The operations authorised were given timelines with recommendations with best practices to improve their facilities in order to comply with the Air Quality and Noise Management Regulations, 2000. The Agency is reminding developers that they need a valid Environmental Authorisation to operate and operating without same is a breach of  EP Act Cap. 20:05 and requisite penalties will apply.