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The Infrastructure and Project Management Sector of the EPA has numerous projects relative to the construction of small, medium, and large-scale commercial and industrial buildings. Moreover, in addition to the construction of the aforementioned buildings, the construction or operation of facilities such as zoological parks and other green spaces come under the purview of this department.

One of the department’s major projects requesting renewal of Environmental Authorisation was the construction of Hyde Park Zoo Sanctuary and Tropical Gardens. The proposed project will facilitate a spectacle of various animals, some native to Guyana, and others from around the world. According to the project documents, the proposed facility will be the first of its kind in Guyana and will promote conservation, employment for various specialists, recreation for families, education for kids in a safe, healthy, and serene environment.

The proposed development is being established at areas PML1 and VML2 of Tract “H” all being portions of Lots C and D comprising the South Half of North Plantation and North Half of Lots 10, 11, and 12 of Land of Canaan on the East Bank of Demerara. The total land area of the overall site is 186 acres, of which 36 acres will be taken up by the proposed facility.